Chacos and Tacos
Nothing lasts forever. And when one door closes, another one always opens. The only question is: Who’s waiting behind it?
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Welcome To New York - 1989

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What if no one ever falls in love with me
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why are straight white boys so against pumpkin spice? maybe they should be against other things like I don’t know date rape?

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things that i need in my life right now:

  • sex
  • cheese pizza
  • ice cream
  • sex
  • rough sex
  • gentle sex
  • more ice cream
  • cuddling
  • S E X
  • more pizza

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Imagine having 2 dads, and then them divorcing and dating other men. Then you’d have 4 dads.

The amount of dad jokes…

"I’m hungry"
"Hi hungry, I’m dad."
"Hi dad, I’m dad too!"
"Hi dad too, I’m dad three."
"Hi dad three, I’m dad."

What have you done


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